Compact Dust Collection and Attachments for Standard Cut-Off Saws

Dust control in accordance with OSHA specs is what we do!

Silica Dust

Silica dust is a very real problem in the construction industry. Prior to the OSHA Respirable Silica Law going into affect, we tested popular dust collection units and attachments on our saws only to find they didn’t perform well for cut-off saws and were geared more towards grinders.

Silica Control Solution

As a hardscape contractor, we found by building a system that utilizes high volume, we were able to attain the dust collection needed to comply to the OSHA Respirable Silica Law. Extensive research and product testing have contributed to what we feel is simply the best solution for silica dust!

Cyclone Silica Dust Collector

Development of our cyclone dust collector means a cleaner as well as a safer work environment. As you consider which system(s) best fit your company, take the step towards compliance today to ensure that your company has a future.


Omni-Vac Dust Collection Units and Accessories are designed to create a safe working environment focusing on the Construction and Masonry industry. This unit is also helpful for the Hardscape and Demolition Industries. Contact us today for a quote!


Improving the quality of life in environments where dust is present.

Omni-Vac Dust Collection Units and Accessories

are designed to create a safe working environment for the Hardscape, Construction, Masonry, and Demolition Industries.

Silica Dust Collector Omni-Vac Denver PA


High Volume Dust Collection

The Omni-Vac Dust Collection unit is a gas powered, high volume dust collector. It is built with aluminum for weight reduction, durability as well as aesthetics.

Low Maintenance Dust Control

The cyclonic separator captures the majority of dust particulate into a basin with a bag for dust disposal before it enters the filter, which greatly reduces filter maintenance.

Easy to Transport Dust Collector

The unit is 28″W x 55″L x 61″H. It maneuvers like a wheelbarrow with flip down handles for ease of transportation as well as easy access to the filter. The unit weighs 250lbs.

Hose(s) attach easily with snap clamp to the unit.


Saw boot – a tool for cutting pavers/concrete in place. Constructed of aluminum and UHMW. Easily connects to Husquevarna & Stihl cut-off saws. We can adapt for saws of your choice as well.

Cutting Station – Constructed of aluminum, this tool is for cutting pavers, caps, bricks, block, natural stone and more.

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